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For all decision makers, investors, tenants and citizens, Colouree is a data-driven urban analysis tool that makes possible to change the market of built spaces, shifting its centre of gravity from the idea of ownership and assets to Spaces as a Service
Colouree shows relationships between people, data and spaces to find solutions closer to the customers' needs, lifestyles and business models, revealing unseen opportunities and creating better ideas without technical experts intermediaries

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Colouree is one of the 25 companies, universities and governments that compose the winning team of Nature4Cities project,  one of the only two projects chosen in Europe to be funded (7,5 M €) within Horizon 2020 programme.

The concept of the whole project is based on:

- building of a NBS (Nature-Based Solutions) knowledge base and associated integrated analysis framework;
- development of a holistic assessment methodology;
- adaptation of existing technologies for urban data management and citizens’ participatory engagement;
- co-development and demonstration with partner cities (Milano IT, Çankaya TR, Szeged HU, Alcala de Henares ES).

How does your innovation work?

Colouree urban data driven tool allows the integration of any information that can be used to characterize real time urban and societal context, providing customized data analysis and visualizations that, unlike traditional one:
• can analyze in real time complex relationships that involve spatial variables and information from different sources (vs.deferred);
• can be adaptative to the context changing (vs.static);
• can offers simple and effective visualizations and navigation tools accessibleto non-expert users (vs.intermediaries), opening to growing demand of new sharing decisions and design processes.

What Evidence do you have that your Innovation works?

Colouree startup derives from the awareness of ten year experience of its founders in Urban and Smart City regeneration projects in the development and deep knowledge of the Real Estate market, in order to answer to the challenges, and to the rising needs, that decision makers and citizens are pushing. 
Colouree has been already involved in the following projects: 
Colouree is member of the “Nature4Cities” project team, aimed at finding “Nature Based Solutions” for re-naturing cities by developing new governance, business, financing models and economic impact tools.
Colouree provides its software tool for urban data mining and analysis of relationship between people, their activity and urban spaces. 
Genoa waterfront redevelopment (“Blueprint” project)
Colouree is supporting a sharing and participative process of discussion and interactions, between city stakeholders and municipality of Genoa, about the “Blueprint” waterfront redevelopment project, designed by Renzo Piano Building Workshop.

- SmartCup liguria
- startup competition (finalist);
Fondazione R&I - acceleration program (access);
-The startup Training - Univ. Bocconi -acceleration program (access);

- Smart&Start - Invitalia funding programme (funded 250K);

- Ocova AlpMedNet-  Ivrea Forum exposition (invited exhibitor);
- ICSG Instambul Smart Cities Congress - ITA Italian pavillion (invited exhibitor) 


Do you have current users or testers?

Colouree is developing its tools and business model within an agile methodology based on BML cycles with tester and early adopter.
Colouree is supported by relevant advisors from real estate, public government, and business world.
Colouree within H2020 Nature4Cities project is developing its tool and methodologies within a consortium of  25 between companies, universities and municipalities  (Milano, Madrid, Szeged, Ankara)  

What is your strategy for expanding use of your innovation?

Colouree expanding strategy is based on SaaS tool (software as a service) that could enable the constitution of a  marketplace in the following three phases:

1. core: develop the customer side, enabling data-aware decision making for Colouree providers, e.g., what-if scenarios, evaluation and rating of proposed operations;

2. visibility: develop the user side, improving interaction among Colouree providers and their customers, e.g. support sales with customizable maps embedded in Colouree provider website

3. extension: reinforce the marketplace cohesion with complementary service, supporting the interaction and engagement of a wider audience of stakeholders, e.g. allowing the exploitation of market and urban data analysis for higher level services by independent professionals

Next Steps

Needs in terms of logistics:
50 squared meters, 5tables, 14chairs (no preference between Milan or Turin)
additional special requirements
internet /wi-fi
The  agile development of the Colouree SaaS tool, which is already in progress, will  continue and evolve from current TRL 7 to TRL 9  thanks to iterative tests with advisors and early adopters. 
Next steps involve the following goals:

-Validation, through the involved stakeholders and early adopters, of the awareness and acceptance of the tool value proposition, to foster its implementation towards the Marketplace;
-Marketplace functional modules and interfaces development and testing;
-Data gathering and documentation of implementation Models;
-Business and financial implementation model both for the SPaaS tool and the Marketplace;
-Validation of the pricing structures and delivery models on both sides of the Marketplace;

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