FOOD FINDER is a new mode of circular economy based on market place platform (WEB / mobile), which aim is to connect food industry and supermarkets with restaurants to sell foods close to expiration of validity. Additionally, FOOD FINDER promotes donations to registered entities. 
We strongly believe that with innovation in social business it is possible
to mitigate food waste and hunger, besides heating up the economy. 


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Food Finder ( had been developed during last 18 months. We had participated of OCEAN SAMSUNG pre aceleration program during the second semestry of 2016. The platform is working "full", with well-developed ADMIN and a nice user experience front-edge. It is already offering real products for commercialization (expecting the first sale). Our first accredited supplier is Valent (a spanish trader). We have an agreement with ABRASEL (Brazilian Restaurants Association) to support the communication and agreement with Prato Cheio Association (Food Bank) to receive eventual donations. Our solution has a profissional advertising material and the company counts with many organization tools, as Stripe (gateway), Integravoip (telephony), Moskit (CRM), Zero Paper (ERH) and Linode (internet provider).


How does your innovation work?

1 - The retailer initially registered offers in Food Finder plattform special discounts to food to be sell;
2 - The buyer initially registered receives a notification about the offers and can buy it in the plattform;
3 - The buyer picks up the products bought or contract a logistic service offered by Food Finder;
4 - The products that are not sold will be donated to Food Bank.

What Evidence do you have that your Innovation works?

MARKET: In Brazil we lost US$ 2 bi per year, only in supermarkets, which represent 85.000 stores in the country. Almost 50% don't have any loss prevenction system.
During the last semester we participated in the pre-acceleration program of Samsung and University of São Saulo. The system was validated from the follow steps:
INTERVIEWS: 50 interviews with suppliers between supermarkets and food industries. The receptivity was general. 5% said they did not need the solution. We also did 120 interviews with potential buyers. About 10% of them referred they didn't need the solution.
MENTORIES: 170 hours of activity implementing the Lean Startup concept and its tools. 
PLATFORM TESTS: System prototype test
The platform had had tested during last six months and now it is working with two real suplyers.
 We did 120 interviews with potential buyers

Do you have current users or testers?

We have two supliers offering their products in the platform.
In our data base we just register 3500 potencial buyers.

What is your strategy for expanding use of your innovation?

The business model to be scaled will be franchises, which will capture suppliers and buyers. The franchisees will offer the licensing and maintenance of the system, as well as advice for its implementation. To be developed, the proposal is to implement the Food Finder in micro regions, favoring the logistics aspect of deliveries. The expansion will be due to the multiplication of micro regions starting in São Paulo neighborhoods, expanding into the interior of the state, other Brazilian states and other countries. We currently have two suppliers ( and Our goals in the next six months is to have four supermarkets, which are in the final stages of negotiation. In the other hand we have an agreement with ABRASEL, which brings together ten thousand Brazilian restaurants. Our goals in next two years is to be in 10 brazilian cities and in two countries (Italy and Spain), where we just have arrangments with partners.

Next Steps

We just started the inbound maketing and we're going to start a publicit campain addind another vehicles, like as events and fairs, in next May.
The current main focus is to increase revenue and adjust the system to the demands identified by users.
During the year (2017) we are going to conclude agreements with national and international partners, like as Brazilian Supermarket Assotiation; FAO-UN; Zero Desperdício (pt) and others. 


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