Freeda - Feel free around

Freeda is the solution for women safe urban mobility. A crowdsourcing app allows women to find on the map safe and beautifull route to travel free and enjoy cities' feminine events.

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How Can You Help?

  • Advisement from local innovation groups
  • Curate a community or discussion
  • Help with the marketing and socialization of the Exchange
  • Help us evaluate our impact
  • Support our Government relations, policy and advocacy efforts

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About This Innovation

Provide a status update for your Innovation.

We are currently accelerated by TIM #WCAP in Bologna.
Our innovation Freeda - Feel free around, is now a beta-version of our mobile app and we are starting our betatesting users' program.

How does your innovation work?

We work with co-design methods to understand customers' needs.
Our mobile works with users generated contents. These crowdsourced data, based on objective and subjective parameters, are processed by an algorithm that puts them together and gives back safe routes.

What Evidence do you have that your Innovation works?

Since the video concept launch we received a lot of interest from possible users and many media wrote articles about the project.

Do you have current users or testers?

We have about 50 testers at the moment.

What is your strategy for expanding use of your innovation?

Our goal is to expand our idea first in the main cities of Italy and then in the rest of the world, starting from Europe.
Actually we are creating women communities in the main italian cities, to contribute with the data collection.

Next Steps

- Betatesting of the mobile app
- Publish the mobile app on the Apple and Android Stores
- Promote the mobile app