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Planning phase (together with the administrative territorial entity)

  1. defining a schedule for the realization of the intervention, identifying the first operations to be set and priorities to be respected;
  2. quantifying and defining the flow management of C&D waste on the territory;
  3. stimulating with incentives the use of clean technologies in the C&D sector and the achievement of maximum efficiency in recycling C&D materials;
  4. setting a control system for the demolition activity during the approving, implementation and deadlines of the working phase.

Designing phase

It consists in the design of a prototype service limited to infrastructure and geotechnical sector thought the arrangement of:

  1. regulatory database which allows to switch from a technical visualization of specifications and legislative requirements which not communicate between each other to a systematic and integrated approach. This system should be able of extracting the contents of laws and standards in order to create a unique system where all these information are stored;


What is your strategy for expanding use of your innovation?

In Italy, of the about 40 million tonnes of C&D waste only 10% are recycled (Uepgi data), compared with the 70% goal set by EU Directive 2008/98/CE. All the mucipalities all over Europe need to comply with this target. The GREB platform facilitate the activation of selective demolition approach and allows demand and offer of new recycled materials to match at local scale. The platform refers to CEN regulation, which is common to many european countries, and has a high factor of replication as it bases to standard IT platform technology. 


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