Helperbit uses the Blockchain technology to allow people to donate digital and local currencies to charities and to people in need all over the world, trace their donation and how it is used, offering full transparency of economic flows.
It even reverses the traditional home insurance model for natural disasters, thanks to a service powered by blockchain that empowers users to customize their premium, allowing also microinsurance, and offers a fast, fair and transparent refund.

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In December we started a collaboration with Legambiente, a famous italian NGO, that is the first major non-profit organization in Italy to accept Bitcoin donations. The funds are addressed to the campaign "The rebirth has a young heart", focused on the reconstruction after Italy earthquake and, thanks to Blockchain technology, it's possible to follow in real time the amount raised and how they used them. To fully exploit the potential of Blockchain we not only offer the opportunity to verify the amount raised, but, we go a step further, developing a notarization service.
Other main users are Swiss Re Foundation and Swiss Re Center for Global Dialogue, that already used the bitcoin wallet provided by Helperbit.

How does your innovation work?

Helperbit uses bitcoin blockchain, exploiting the efficiency, speed and transparency of this technology in order to offers unique products in the charity and insurance field. The donation service offers the opportunity to donate directly to people, NPOs, local organizations, reducing the number of intermediaries and allowing a detailed audit of the flows. In the insurance service  the redistribution happens in a safe, transparent, automated and fair way, cutting off the time to receive the refund

What Evidence do you have that your Innovation works?

I attach here our blog posts, that describe in detail the evidences. We completed the first transparency chain, from donors till the final beneficiaries and all the processes are visible in the blockchain.

Do you have current users or testers?

The charity campaign created by Legambiente raised at the moment more than 8 bitcoins from 108 donations. Top users are Swiss Re Foundation and Swiss Re Center for Global Dialogue.

What is your strategy for expanding use of your innovation?

We are organizing some social networks campaigns and the marketing roadmap takes into account the organization of conferences and meeting in different areas: at the beginning we plan to do it in Italy, Greece, and the most affected areas in Europe. Then, our physical tour will be planned in Latin America and it will end in the west coast of USA, an area characterized by strong earthquakes.A second step takes into account the partnership with companies that can improve Helperbit services and that can help the growth of the platform: for example, regarding the insurance part, the acquisition of the customer network through collaborations.

Next Steps

We are working to close an investment round that let us to cover the next year of develoment. We plan to release the entire donation platform in 2 months after the closing and step by step add new tools and methods of payment. The insurance service will be mainly developed in the last 6 months of the year and will be tested for the following year. At the same time we will continue to follow the expanding strategy, with conferences and tours.

Regarding the Tech Demonstrator, we need 2 chairs, one table, one monitor, wireless connection and the minimum space to put a rollup. We would like to know more about the incubation program before accepting it. In any case we prefer the Open Incet in Turin.


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