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Kabadiwalla Connect is an award winning technology platform that addresses systemic issues in materials recovery in cities in India. Using ICT based offerings which includes information dissemination, surverying, reporting and logistics management, the solution incorporates the informal sector and materials pre-processing via a Materials Recovery Facility.

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  • Advisement from local innovation groups
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  • Support our mapping/GIS efforts

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Kabadiwalla Connect currently operates in Chennai, India. We have mapped over one thousand small primary aggregators in the city, and help them connect to local residences via our app Recykle. Our Materials Recovery Facility currently processes 20 tons of PET plastic every month.

How does your innovation work?

Our platform and set of apps help individuals and businesses in urban India manage their waste responsibly. This technology lowers the barriers preventing participation in recycling and composting, leverages the informal ecosystem and diverts waste from landfills.

What Evidence do you have that your Innovation works?

Currently connected over 12,000 residents in Chennai to their local scrap-dealer. 

Processed over 80 tons of PET using our technology stack in our MRF.

Currently exploring collaborations with waste management companies in the Ivory Coast and Nepal.

Do you have current users or testers?

Yes, 200 beta users in Chennai for our B2C app, Recykle. 

25 Kabadiwallas enrolled at our MRF.

What is your strategy for expanding use of your innovation?

Public Private partnerships with municipalities, waste management companies and corporations interested in extended producer responsibility in cities in emerging economies.

Next Steps

Look for partnerships with municipalities, waste management companies and corporations in cities in the developing world. 

Increase MRF in Chennai to handle 125 tons of PET every month, pilot the recovery of two other materials through the informal ecosystem, and reach 10,000 users on our B2C app, Recykle.