Krap is a smart parking solution that drive people to the best parking spot drastically reducing parking time and traffic. We make people happier and city less polluted. Krap is based on low cost parking sensor we designed, providing real time spot updates to the Krap mobile app.

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We are looking for public administrations interested in starting a trial.

How does your innovation work?

We designed a low cost sensor able to detect and send real-time status updates (free/busy) of a parking spot. The real-time data are collected by our mobile app to compute (linear optimization) the BEST available parking area. Our navigation system (powered by Google Maps) will then drive people to the nearby available parking spot.
What makes us unique?
-  Being low cost
- We don't use a probabilistic approach but real data in real time.
-  We collect user driving information to get public administrations aware of traffic status

What Evidence do you have that your Innovation works?

People looking for a parking spot is the main evidence, but we also have dozens of study confirming that parking spot localization is a real and very common problem. According to a research we spend  an average of 106 days of our life searching for a parking spot. In big cities 30% of emission are caused by vehicles trying to park.

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What is your strategy for expanding use of your innovation?

Having low cost devices let us cover wide city area. More coverage means more paking spots in our network and better calculation which increase customers satisfaction.

Next Steps

To Trail our invention in middle town such as Bologna.

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