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Mobilized Construction is a technology company that is disrupting the way dirt roads are built, monitored, and maintained across Kenya, Africa, and eventually the developing world. By using our software platform, governments can use labor-based road construction in place of heavy machinery. This not only creates hundreds of jobs in local communities, but reduces the costs of road construction by 80 to 90%.

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How does your innovation work?

Our proprietary software platform offers government transportation departments two services. First is road data collection and intelligence. Governments use smartphones to measure road topography (bumpiness) and collect images and videos to create maps of rural areas road conditions. Second is project management software to create micro-contracts to distribute work to local individuals for labor-based construction and maintenance. This tracks daily progress of field construction workers and contractors. Lastly, road repairs are certified as complete by measuring road conditions again and wages are transferred to individuals via mobile payments like M-Pesa. 

What Evidence do you have that your Innovation works?

We completed our first project in Uganda by helping build a road to the local maternal health clinic to increase mothers’ access to the facilities. Taxi fares to the clinic decreased by 50%, meaning pregnant mothers can visit for checkups more frequently because it costs less. Travel time also decreased by half, meaning in emergencies, mothers can reach the Shanti clinic in 7 minutes versus 15 minutes before. Lastly, vehicles on the road increased 400%, meaning individuals were taking the road more often and reaching more remote areas of the community. This reduces the cost of seed and fertilizer lower the likelihood crops spoil before reaching the stalls.

What is your strategy for expanding use of your innovation?

We are building software so scalability is embedded into our operations. We aim to reach even the most remote regions with just a shovel and a cellphone. 

Next Steps

We completed our first project in Luwero, Uganda February 2016 and have secured a second project in Siaya County in Western Kenya. We are planning for a 50-100km pilot to begin the second half of 2017 and are currently fundraising to pay for labor costs. Given the fast-follower nature of Kenyan politics and clarity from August elections, we are confident we can quickly expand to an additional 3-4 counties within 6 months of shovels breaking ground. 


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Question for the innovator

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